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New to this: Is this millefiori style weight genuine?

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Hi everyone,

I picked up this millefiori style paperweight at a car boot sale this morning - it was just too pretty to leave there! I decided to Google lens it to find out more and here I am 8 hours later, having well and truly fallen down a rabbit hole. I know nothing about this fascinating world of glass but now my interest is seriously piqued! Iíve looked through tons of the available photos, reference materials, etc and now Iím feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Iím hoping you might be able to help me determine whether this has a genuine known origin or whether itís just some mass produced replica. Iíd like to know what it is so I have a basis for comparison and to start with researching more about paperweights as this is the first one Iíve ever picked up.

I canít see any signatures or obvious maker marks on the canes (not that I would recognise one if it was present!)

Any help to get me started would be hugely appreciated.


It is a Chinese paperweight.

Hi, and welcome to the forumÖand glass collecting!

I donít know much about paperweights but you see quite a few Chinese weights like this that are reasonably distinctive. Now you have one and have handled it and research it, you will recognise them in future (thatís how Iíve learnt), so a useful purchase. They have their own style so not a replica of anything, just a vintage Chinese millefiori paperweight.

Chinese stuff often has a less well finished base (rough ground rather than polished) which can be good clue.

Enjoy your collecting :D

Thank you both for confirming! I really appreciate you having a look. This will help to know a bit more about what to look for if I see a similar one.

It is Chinese but it is quite old and not modern, perhaps 1950s


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