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Seashell themed paperweight


This glass paperweight is about 3.5" (9 cm) in diameter and about 3.75" (9.5 cm) high. It weighs almost exactly 1 lb (454 gm). It is not marked and there is no label. It is some kind of swirled cane with a clear glass outer layer. There is quite a bit of blue in this piece only vaguely suggested in most images. Basically, anything that looks black is really some shade of blue and anything that looks white is silver. I got one image in daylight that skews a bit too blue, so true color is a bit less bright than the inset in image #3. No idea of maker or age. There is a tiny bit of wear to the bottom, which is smoothly textured. A couple of vaguely similar pieces I found were identified as Murano, but they were not labeled or signed either, so not proof. A mystery. Any help in identifying maker, country or origin, etc., would be most appreciated!


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