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Zig Zag Bowl

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Thank-you for sorting the images.
I adore the appearance of your bowl from above! I've just tried to see the same in my cauldron without success.
But I did notice something else. When cobalt is over or under a silver colouration, it goes purple, while teal goes green.  8)

You're welcome. They did need to be shown together. Yes the top down view shows the skill involved. Despite the wonky uneven zig zags, there is a great symmetry to their application. Maybe the fact that yours is cobalt makes it too hard to capture in your cauldron. More confirmation mine is indeed teal, as you rightly said.
Interesting information about the colours. Amazing how the same chemicals can react so differently and create such a range of colours.

Silver has a lot of really weird and wonderful reactions with glass. I think more than any other metal.
It's the shape of the cauldron makes the zigs and zags disappear when I look into mine.
I see the bottom of it, the strapping is on the sides.
I can see the v shapes of yours nearly meet.  :)

Ah, I see. I didn't consider the shape. I think you should add some photos of your cauldron to this thread if you can, and don't mind. It really is my favourite example of a zig zag vase. Such a wonderful, tactile shape. But then I am also biased towards the blue pieces. Even if I can't tell one blue from another 😜


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