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New to the board but after many hours searching eBay, online glass catalogues and ever more obscure Scottish glass sites I have given up - I am usually very good at tracking stuff down so getting pretty frustrated now.

Trying to identify a Caithness paperweight called Spirit Dance. It's marked Caithness Scotland in a roundel on the best ( centerted ) and the edition around the edge 130-650

I have seen other "Dance" named examples; typically Astral Dance but can find no example of Spirit Dance.

Any information would be much appreciated.


You might like to try trawling here?
I've got the pages to images, you'll need to click on Caithness then on the paperweights.
4797 are illustrated with their names.
Sorry, I dived straight into the glass query and forgot to say "Welcome".  ;D

Hi and thanks.

The site is good and I have started trawling through but it is a pain to use as various errors pop up when you try to go from page to page once in, for an example, paperweights from a certain year. I had to edit the URL to help navigation. Have gone from 1989 onwards and nothing shows. Did a global search and nothing there either. However, the site would appear to be not a definitive resource as when I searched for Royale another one I have that I can find elsewhere, that didn't appear either

Given the browsing experience on the site I will keep looking - if you know any other similar resources I would love to know.

There is a very expensive and comprehensive book on them. I did see the author running around with it under his arm at the Edinburgh conference, I can see his face but I've forgotten his name - it's not the Colin Terris one. It's more recent and very thick.
Scotland's Glass is run by one of our founder members. It's a work in progress.

There is a 'Spirit Dancer' in the book, 1997, designed by Jason Green.  ;D


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