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SKRUF Decanter
« on: April 05, 2016, 06:35:51 PM »

Decanter I purchased yesterday. The glass is clouded and I need to look up remedies
and hope it can be cleared. Very thick clear glass. Heavy.

Stands 9 7/8" with stopper
7 3/4" without stopper
4" diameter
13" circumfuse

Took me an hour of research to decipher and find what the signature was.
I have viewed every Skruf online (mostly mid-century pieces) but see nothing like this.

Can we put a date to this or a possible craftsman?
Maybe a technically correct description of it's shape. A proper catalog description for reference.
Is it crystal?

I searched Skruf here - saw a post for a possible Skruf book - hope it hasn't been published yet.
Feel free to use this piece & photos.


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