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Walther And Sohne uranium Green Arabella Lamp

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I canít find a green glowing picture of one of these on the internet so I thought I should share this Arabella lamp as it makes a nice accompaniment for my Harlem on this miserable wet day , hopefully this will brighten yours ? from around 1937 I think.
Regards Mike

Very nice Mike, pressglaskorrespondenz has it in the 1935 catalogue. I've got the figurine and a flower block, I just need a "fische" bowl to go with it but they don't turn up very often, although I have got one with a seagull and fish figurine.

Thanks Nev, can anyone advise me why these pieces have removable figures, they seem very at risk to falling over when being moved. Thanks

Hello Mike, I think when sold, the customer could choose their figurine and then whichever flower block and bowl or lamp base they preferred. Once placed in the flower blocks, which mostly have wide bases, they become stable, but can be taken apart for moving or cleaning. Also, particularly with the lamp it would be difficult, if not impossible to mould it in one piece.

Thanks Nev, please can you provide a link to the pressglaskorrespondenz article as i find it difficult to navigate thanks very much, cheers Mike


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