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Allegedly Fenton bowl - ID = Tiffin amberina

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I bought this orange bowl which was accompanied by a pair of similarly decorated candlesticks. It is satiny deep orange. no marks. the previous owner was a meticulous antique dealer who called it fenton. does anyone know the maker?

after further consideration, i am certain that the dealer was most mistaken about this glass. i believe it be pate de verre. it is a shame that it was not signed.

It's most definitely not pate de verre. Can't be sure from your pictures but it's either pressed or blow moulded and I would say it was American. I would look at elegant glass console sets by other US companies. Here is a good place to start

  Possibly Tiffins #15179 flower bowl in satin amberina.

tiffin is probably the right answer although i am surprised that it made glass that heavy.

i know that the link will go bad soon but there is a very close match. thank you.


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