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For show - Mdina squat bottle and stopper.


Anne E.B.:
I spotted this on a visit to Charlestown near St.Austell last week and fell in love with the stopper and just had to buy it ;D
Its not signed.  Can it be dated by the stopper I wonder?

 :) No, not by the stopper, but by the shape of the pot.  ;D
It's a lovely little squat, rounded, dougnutty shape. That's early. It also has some lovely silver deposit trails and beautiful swirling colours. 8) 8) 8)
Later ones have straight sides and are not nearly as attractive. Does it have a polished pontil mark?

Anne E.B.:
It does have a polished pontil mark. 
I'll have to take a better picture of the actual stopper.  You can't see all the lovely colour swirls in my picture unfortunately.  It looks lovely enough to be a paperweight ;D

 :) The polished pontil mark makes it early too. I can't say for sure it is Harris period, or from a little later, up to the time Vicente Boffo left. But within that period. The polished pontil marks were not used after Boffo left. I really love these wee doughnut-y pots.  :)
I've got one very similar, it has Mdina written in the pontil mark - in Harris' writing.


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