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Kralik Floriform Vase

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These are usually called vases but I think they are more just for decoration, the date is from around 1890-1910. It is quite large at 14cm. tall and 15cm. at it's longest. Oddly, the green glass stem isn't uranium but the clear glass leaves are.

 :) ;) These are called Audreys. After The Little Shop of Horrors.
This was decided very early on in the days of the message board and is sadly, not actually official.  ;D

Thanks Sue, no wonder I couldn't find any posts about them. I think I prefer floriform, very Shakespearean  :)

That's a manganese glow, not a uranium one. It could also be Aarhus rather than Kralik

Christine, after some checking I agree it could be by Kralik or Aarhus, either way I don't mind. I still think the leaves contain uranium, the camera tends to blur the image from what is visible to the naked eye. Here's a better photo which shows the clarity, consistency and intensity of the glow.


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