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Frosted Glass in chrome holder

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Hi everyone, I'm a glass newby here and wondered if I could ask about an item I have seen and a similar one which I own.  What I have seen is a green frosted, almost boat-shaped but wider, bowl in a chrome holder which has a handle and is decorated with leaves.  One, I was wondering if this could be bagley (just because the glass reminds me of some bagley pieces I've seen) and two, the chrome has caused rust type marks on the glass and I'm wondering whether they are possible to remove or whether they will be kind of ingrained now.

Thanks for reading my questions (hopefully)

Oh, almost forgot the one I own.  Again a green glass bowl, but not frosted, in a very similar chrome holder.  The glass is quite patterned in this one with stars and central swirls and the top of the bowl is zig-zagged.  

Do either of these pieces sound familiar to anyone?

Many thanks

Your second item sounds like it could be Sowerby's #2480 boat. In Carnival Glass this pattern is known as "English Hobstar". It is often found in a chrome holder.

Your other item could well be Bagley - but a photo would help to establish all the above.


PS. I just checked out the Auctionbytes message board where I thought I had seen a message asking for help in removing rust. Someone wrote that they had successfully removed rust using "Bar Keeper's Friend" (I don't think this is Ronaldo from round the corner at number 6 who helps out on busy Saturdays - most likely the cleaning powder you can get in supermarkets such as Sainsbury's). I haven't tried using it on glass myself, so I can't advise personally. But if you want to risk it, I would go carefully and make the powder into a damp paste before you apply it to the glass. Disclaimer! As I say - I have not tried this - so go carefully.

The English equivalent of Bar Keeper's Friend is Bar Keeper's Friend. They sell it in Sainsbury's (well they do in my local one). I have a tub of it under the kitchen sink - it's good stuff. :lol:

And yes, your photo confirms that it is what I said before - Sowerby's #2480 boat. In Carnival Glass this pattern is known as "English Hobstar".


I have the same holder (or very similar) with a clear patterned bowl in it.

There's a picture of it here:

I'd be interested in knowing who made them also.

Edited to update the image link

Anne - A number of  "platers" as they were known made chromium plated stuff for the glass industy among, no doubt, many other trades.

One which supplied Sowerbys was Wm. Lindop, of somewhere in the Midlands.  One of the best known was Abrahams of Birmingham.  They were big enough to buy in glass and fit their own bits and pieces (chrome rims in particular) before wholesaling the finished article themselves.  They were one of Sowerbys biggest customers and they were pretty big at Davidsons too.

Of course Abrahams took over Davidsons in the 1960s and at some stage moved their entire chromium plating operation to the Davidson site in Gateshead.  I saw this in 1975 during the early part of my second, non-glass career.  This may have been the only time when glassmaking and chromium plating took place on the same premises.

Adam D.


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