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Frosted Glass in chrome holder

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Hi Anne and all

Glen kindly ID'd mine as being Sowerby, but the majority of pieces I've seen in chrome I think are Bagley, like the little tulip vase and the round and horseshoe shaped posy troughts, both in the same green frosted glass.  They have fascinated me for years as when I was about 12 years old (long time ago!) I bought a green frosted glass vase and therefore other similar items have always caught my eye.  I now know that this vase, which cost 5p I think, is none other than Bagley's Grantham vase.  I only wish I'd continued to buy them as these are now going for crazy prices on ebay.

Anne, you mentioned some other flower frogs which you'd seen on ebay with the same problems as mine.  Could you possibly post a link or give a ref number (if that sort of thing is done here) and then I can take a look please?  I do keep searching for them on ebay but as of yet I haven't seen any with these same cracks or read any mention of them in any descriptions at all.

Many thanks
Christine (hopefully not a dreaded Guest :-) )

Hi Christine (nice to have a proper name to call you  8) )

The ones on this item 3774555121 seem to be every other hole (though the picture's not too clear) - click the image of the base closeup to see a larger version where they are more visible.

This one is very clear 3774320761 and seem to be exactly what you're describing? This is a castle-shaped frog rather than a figure but the marks are very clear.

Hope this helps. :)

I  have checked one of my Flower frogs - it also has these lines but very faint and you can hardly feel them.

It would seem that this is something which happens unavoidably in manufacture so therefore nothing to worry about Christine.

Hi Anne, well spotted, thanks, the castle frog certainly does have the same cracks/marks/seams!!  They're not specifically mentioned in the description but the photos are quite clear enough for any buyer to see just what they are getting.

Peter, thanks for letting me know about yours, now I don't feel so bad.

Another lady is on her way to me and she was described as "perfect" so we shall see.  I have a horrid feeling I'm becoming addicted ;-)

Happy glass hunting
Christine    (who can spell Trough, honest!)


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