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Looking for identification please


I recently bought this very unusual item from an antiques collectors fair recently and Iím looking if anyone could identify them please. Each figure is solid iridescent glass they stand 27cm tall they seen to have been permanent fixed into the heavy display stand but unfortunately mauve figure has worked it way loose. I have shown these to a few people I know that work in the leisure hotelier and restaurant industry and they have not come a crossed anything like this before I have also looked into drink stirrers but have been informed that the are to heavy and large. 

Hello and welcome.  :)
I've not seen anything like these before, but could they be temporary stoppers for a wine bottle after the cork has been taken out?
They seem to have bottom parts that would fit varying sizes of apperture. Not make a seal, but at least help keep the remaining wine for a day or so if the entire bottle was not drunk at once?
I can't see too much detail in your photo, so I can't really make out what your figures are.

Many thanks for your reply, sorry if photograph doesnít given much detail. The wine bottle stoppers was what the seller told me but having tried  the figure in bottles of a number of sizes I found they do not  fit in a bottle very well or cause a seal, I was thinking champagne stoppers but again the figure doesnít cover the top of the bottle the figures are also very top heavy. Description, the detail on all three is quite impressive the woman figure is wearing a jacket bow tie and has moulded large buttons. The centre mauve figure as with the figure on right are men both wearing jackets and tie. I cannot make out what all three are holding possibilities Books, menuís, clipboards.

I wasn't thinking about them making a proper seal, just being a decorative cover. A couple of the bottom "pegs" look graduated, which would have remdered them suitable for small appertures. I have not had any personal experience with wine for over 30 years, but I do know that mostly come with screw tops and plastic stoppers, now.

Are the figures made using a mould? What sort of quality are they?
I think the display stand, beautifully made as it is, is a later addition and not neccessarily how they are supposed to be.  ;)


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