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Tiny glass items - ??Murano??


Hello all, 

I am wondering if anyone can identify the following pics, which I think are items from Murano, although probably from many years ago. 

They are tiny pieces of glass, which I inherited from a great-aunt who was a great traveller.  They came in a cabinet full of 'tourist tat', some of it up to 100 years old! 

The striped 'vase' with handles has no base, it is hollow right through.  The other striped vase as you can see does have a base.  These two items are about 3 inches tall. 

The smaller items, the blue goblet and the clear glass goblet both with white twists in the stems are just 1.5 inches tall!   :shock:

The little blue goblet with green stem containing 'flowers' made of glass beads on wire stems is also about 1.5 inches tall.  The blue bowl of this glows under UV, but none of the rest of the glass does.

Any info or comments would be most welcome   :)


I know someone who would murder for the crocus vase: Looks like Bimini to me - can anyone with the Neuwirth book look it up?
The other items seem to be toys or doll's house items and is hard to say where they were made - could be 1. Nailsea (England) or 2. Lauscha (Germany) or 3. Nevers (France).  And yes, they're old.

Hi Leni,
I agree with Ivo that the stripey pieces look very, very, very like Bimini. I haven't got Neuwirth, but at the last Cambridge glass fair, the foyer exhibition was on Bimini and I spent a good while looking at it and studying the pieces. There was definitely a bit like your bottomless, handled vase. I've had a look at the website pictures of the past exhibitions, but the close-ups of bits are not these ones and the big pictures do not show small pieces. Still, I'll eat my hat if your stripey bits are not Bimini. (not a pleasant thought!).  Cheers, Sue


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