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Slumped glass from Riihimäen Lasi?

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I found these on Huuto this morning. They look to be either promotional or souvenir type items:


David E:
Hi Robbo,

Well found! I don't suppose Scandi slumped glass is that common.

Is there anyone on GMB who we can call on to translate? I'd like to contact the seller, if possible, as they might be able to offer more of an insight into the company(ies) who may have made these.

David E:
Found a Finnish to English translation site, but the description of the Riihimaki dish comes out as:

--- Quote ---Videotape Riihimäen Glass entire and hienokuntoinen Lynx cinderella / basin. Scrapes punaisella stood , to diagram tulee better out , thing is then liquid / white.
--- End quote ---

So not terribly convincing! :P

Any better offers?


I've had a go - I'm trying to learn so it's good practice  :roll:

This is the Riihimäki logo one - I think it basically says:

"Riihimäen Lasi Lynx ashtray in complete and fine condition. Pictured on a red background, in order to show a better view, the object is therefore clear/white. Size 8cm x 8cm."

So not very illuminating!

It's a pity the photos of the two with stickers on are really blurry. Riihimäen Lasi did use a small circular gold foil embossed label at some point (I've one on a sun-vase) but it's impossible to judge either way.

David E:
Thanks Robbo: essentially what it says on the tin :)

Only trouble is, we're not sure whether it's made by Riihimäki, or for them. Agree abou8t the label: how frustrating! :roll:

I can't find a contact button there, but I assume, like eBay, one would have to join and log on to the site for this facility? Never mind, I'll just have to hope a Finnish user can help... :?


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