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Sanders & Wallace Glass Closure

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Sad to also hear that Sanders & Wallace based in North Yorkshire have also recently announced their closure and have just turned off the furnace for the last time, due to the cost of gas.

A studio that produced some lovely pieces over the years.

I have admired their work, (and own a few bits) for a long time now.
Recently, Flying-Free posted a lovely link to their archives, showing off some glorious stuff I was unaware of. It got a few of us dribbling.
It seems appropriate to add it. Just to rub in what we've lost.
I do hope the workers can find good employment.

It's tragic when artists are forced to stop working their magic because of ridiculous circumstances beyond their control.

Thanks for adding the link Sue, love the Urchin and pod vases.

I can't find that news anywhere on the web. They are both OAPs now though



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