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Information on Glassmaker - Edward Robbins of Pirelli Glass & Canada


I would like to find out more information about Edward Robbins who worked for Pirelli Glass in the Uk but immigrated to Canada in the 1960's.  I would also like to find some Pirelli Glass animals to purchase if anyone can point me in the right directions, it would be appreciated.

No wonder I could not trace him, it seems that everyone who worked there has completely vanished or does not want to talk about it. I gather that the end of the business in the 80's was a bit messy.

He was one of the original makers, is their anything you can tell us?

Well.. I am getting more information about Edward Robbins all the time.  He is the grandfather of my boyfriend.  He immigrated to Canada in the 60's to Stratford Ontario.  I will have to quiz Edward's daughter to get more information when I see her next month and will pass on the information as I collect it.  We are just in the early stages of research on him

That is great news, look forward to hearing something new on this to long dormant topic!


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