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Northwood Green Carnival Glass Bowl = Beads pattern

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Tony H:
Hi Everyone
A Happy New Year from downunder, can anyone tell me what the pattern is on this Northwood green bowl is, had a look at Dave Doty and it is not in his Northwood pattern list.

Many thanks for your help
Tony H

The pattern is named "Beads" and it is only found on the exterior of 7"-9" bowls in marigold, amethyst, and green.

Green is the most common color and usually has the Alaskan iridescent treatment.

The "Beads" design is also known as "Pods and Posies" or "Posies and Pods" (Wm Heacock's name for it).

It's worth mentioning that the green bowl shown in the photos does not have the Alaskan treatment (marigold iridescence on green base glass).


Tony H:
Hi Connie and Glen
Thank you both for your quick reply, I have done a search for this pattern in all the names, with no pieces to be found, is it an uncommon pattern, the iridescence is a pale gold colour ( the problem with colours !! ) and now I have cleaned this piece it looks even better

Tony H

Tony - where have you searched? There are so many references on Carnival Glass. Specifically it can be found in the books that concentrate only on Northwood. Example -  Heacock, Measell and Wiggins "Harry Northwood the Wheeling Years" and also in Carl Burns Northwood softbacks.  Edwards also shows it, but it's not a good photo and the info is poor.

Is it scarce? Well it's not seen very often that's for sure. But having said that it's not a high dollar piece. More of a "rare but who cares" - which is odd as it is rather beautiful. However, it's possibly the fact that it is an exterior design only, that tends to detract a little.

But it's lovely (and you know how passionate I am about Carnival) and it's by Northwood, so you really can't go wrong can you? Has to be a win win.

PS Remember there are several thousand Carnival Glass patterns reported to date, and no book / no reference has them all.


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