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Northwood Green Carnival Glass Bowl = Beads pattern

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Tony H:
Hi Glen
Thank you again for your help, I only looked on the internet, I have one book on Carnival Glass, your 1st one Magic and Mystery, a great book which I often read, the photos are wonderful

 I would like the next two, and all the other books you mention, off the top of my head I can think of maybe a dozen I would like,

I have looked at Amazon. Barns & Noble and Collector Book Store, this one is very good, but I am faced with the fact that shipping cost in most cases is almost as much as the price of the book.

I lke Carnival glass and enjoy finding out all about the patterns etc,
I collect George Davidson, all of it !!  and Jobling the Art Glass fir cones Oyster Shell and Tudor Rose I have about 20 of these Bowls in differant colours shapes and sizes , as for Davidson !!.

So I look at all kinds of glass and sell some on ebay to help pay for my collecting.

Also Carnival Glass here in NZ is expensive, even when it is not, most Dealers have no idea !!

Tony H


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