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Miss America? English Hobnail? Indiana Diamond Pointe help!!

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This 2 tier mint dish was obviously put together.
I need help pinning down the pattern. The rays are equi distant and the points seem not too flare. Is it Miss America? or if now then what? full shot close up

I have some "clearing my throat" person on ebay harrassing me about this. Any help would be appreciated.


It's definately not Miss America. I think it's an anchor hocking piece but can't remember what it's called.

Hi Sandra,
what makes you think it is not miss america? If you could point out why that might help me.  Thanks,

I'm saying it isn't Miss America because I've seen those dishes before & they were never called Miss America. I could be wrong but my books don't show a piece in that shape.

The pattern doesn't look very sharp. Does it feel sharp? Miss America feels sharp.

yes my books don't show that shape, however it does state that square plates were made. It does feel sharp, especially on the bottom.
Also the tips don't flare out like english hobnail, and the rays are equi distant.  But I still am unsure.  I have not been to replacements yet, but I have found errors there, so not always full proof.
I was hoping someone had a picture or a thread of square miss america plates, or has seen this pattern and knows it.  The crimped edges is what has me unsure.


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