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Glass by Edward Robbins, former Pirelli worker


Made in the '60s in Ontario by former Pirelli glassmaker Edward Robbins.  Interested in any other glasswork by him.

David E:

Without a photo it's impossible to say which piece you're referring to. However, if you edit the post and change the title to "Glass by Edward Robbins, former Pirelli worker" this should alert Frank who has a specific interest in Pirelli.

To post a photo see:,6522.0.html

There was another question about him recently, where did he work and please do post a picture of your piece.

He started in England and worked for Pirelli before the war.  He immigrated to Canada in the mid '60s and continued his work in Stratford, Ontario.  He died in '76.


Are you the one selling that piece online? That page refers to a Giovanni Pirelli... could that be George Dunlop before a name change?

Pirelli started after the war, 1945 and Edward appears in company records for 1948.

Lampworks of this sort sell for $10-$40 but without much more information on his life and work I would tend to the lower price.


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