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Pressed glass - British? - ID please


Chris Harrison:
Last ones for tonight...

#1 - Fruit bowl.  This is one of 3.  1 x 24.5 cm D, 2 x 20 cm D.  It's been suggested this might be Sowerby.

#2 - Hobnail bowl.  It's been suggested this might be Davidson.  19.5 cm D, 6 cm H.  I really, really like this piece.

#3 - Clear oval bowl.  Similar to a Davidson pattern from 1899, but I've only seen it in a round pattern.  19 cm x 14 cm x 3.5 cm.  No marks.


Hi Chris,
your # 2 :
similar to
Walther 'HANSE'
Brockwitz 'HAMMONIA'

a picture of the stand of this, obviously quality piece, could help further  :)

Walther items had no stand (as far as I can write here by heart)  :?:

Chris Harrison:
Thanks for that, Pamela.  I already took a look at your site, and the closest match I could find for #2 was Walther Brillant.  I suspect this is the range, just that the one illustrated is smaller than mine.

It doesn't have a stand, by the way.  It's just a bowl.  It really is a nice piece, and the detail is very fine.  I'm dying to know who made it.



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