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Pretty Aqua pressed glass pattern creamer ?maker ?age

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Good Morning, I am here asking for help again.I have checked out my Sowerby, Davidson and Bagley resources and haven't found a match to this pretty aqua creamer.Not sure now where to search next
I thought I found a match on The Sowerby CD by Glen, but on closer inspection I decided against it.
It measures about 4 inches high from base to highest part of spout.
Any help would be greatly appreciated on this one.
I do have a lot of trouble navigating the yobunny site to get my pics there.Is it really necessary for me to use that,I have an ftp space and I also have a Yahoo site that i host my pics with and its a simple one step process.BUt if its preferred to use yobunny, I will continue to do so and just make myself learn.

Moderator Note: Image link corrected

Hi JC. No it's not law that you have to use GlassGallery... it's something that is provided for users of the GMB as many users here have had problems with using hosting sites such as Tinypic, where you upload an image and it can vanish within hours or days without warning.

The other plus of using GlassGallery is that we can offer tech support here for it - especially I can as I look after (as in created, set up and host) the GlassGallery, and it does have step by step how to help for every step of the way if you need it.

Ultimately, however, the choice is yours. :D

By the way, the link you need to include for your image in GlassGallery is the one below it in the File Information section, not the one from the address bar. The address bar one is dynamic and changes with new pictures being added to the Gallery, whereas the one below is the absolute link to the image in the database and will always find the picture even it you move it to a different album in the Gallery.

HI Anne, thanks for the reply. I  can see the point of using yobunny and I'll just pratice, practice and practice LOL. and it will all become second nature, after a while and I won"t need to keep clicking back to the instructions. OK think I have this right now.

Julie, I'm quite sure I saw a similar in my books today (which are in my museum, so I cannot verify at the moment)... was it Greener or Bolton pre 1900... someone will know  ;)

HI Pamela, thank you so much for looking. 
 I hope the New Year will be a good one for you :)


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