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Mdina candlesticks?

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It's me again.
I purchased this pair of Mdina vases or candlesticks today for £1.. I say candlesticks because that is what the seller informed me they were. I have seen the trailing design and usual 70's pattern before but not as candlesticks. In fact I have never seen Mdina candlesticks before in any shape or form. I have just finished cleaning out a family of spiders who were happily residing in one :shock:
The measure just about 4" tall and are not signed but obviously Mdina.
Has anyone seen their like before please?

Thanks again, you wonderful board members!!

Bryn (not Brian)

"It's a minefield out there!" :mrgreen:  :wink:  :D

Bryn, they look more like tiny bottles than candlesticks... does the hollow part just form a tube or does it spread out as a bottle would?  If a tube then I'd go with candleholder possibly... they do look awfully Mdina-like for sure.

Yes Anne,  they do spread out a little, but if it were'n't for the trails the "bottle" would have just about the same diameter as the top flange ring. It is flange is it not???

Bryn (not Brian)

"It's a minefield out there!" :mrgreen:  :wink:  :D

In that case I'd say bottle rather than candleholder Bryn.  No idea about flange though... sounds good enough to me as it's descriptive, but I have no idea what theflange bits might properly be called.

whitefriars 007:
Hello Bryn

I have seen these in the past usually with a stopper. I think they are perfume/scent bottles. Heres one that was on ebay a short while back.I'm sure Sue will recognise the vases and confirm what they are. Hope this helps.
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