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Just a quick post before I head off to Crete for a week.There is still no deal signed for the purchase of Caithness.All the indications are that Dartington Crystal will conclude the deal next week so you guys will probably know before I do :lol: .

I think, if true its a great tie-in for both parties. Im not sure how many people work for Caithness now, but this will save many jobs with Dartingtons ethos of employment, and there great record with Tourism will stand the business in good stead

Good news, indeed, if it comes off!   :D

Enjoy your holiday Allan, and let's hope you return to find the deal 'all done and dusted'   :D

As long as the creative spirit of paperweightmakers, lampworkers, faceting experts is honored, it seems like a beneficial set-up.

yes well as Dartington dont make paperweights, its not going to damage their sales. Theres lots of talented people at Caithness and Dartington who can make it work


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