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Author Topic: Anchor Hocking Party Gay glasses..  (Read 1076 times)

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Anchor Hocking Party Gay glasses..
« on: October 02, 2006, 02:29:16 AM »
Hi all,

Im going to be listing these glasses for sale soon and dont know anything about them. Ive included pictures of the glass, the front and back of box. I just need to know relevant information so that I can list them under the correct heading, such as the pattern and the age etc. I know they are vintage but no idea of any date.
The glasses measure 13cm high. The pattern looks a bit like corn stalks coming up the side. Any help would be appreciated. Also Im hoping that showing the box etc, may help someone else identify their glasses if they have them. :)  Selina




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Anchor Hocking Party Gay glasses..
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2006, 04:53:19 PM »
Hi Selina,

For lack of interest I guess;  I don't know a lot about what people call "Vintage" glassware, but I believe  the design on your glasses is wheat, not corn. Maybe some searches with the right grain name might turn something up for you.



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