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I recently bought a Fazzoletto vase, and when it got home I found it had this signature underneath.
I have looked into some of my books, but nothing jumps out at me as similar.
Anyone recognize it?


Javier: After enlarging the image, the 2nd word definitely looks like Murano. I'm of two minds on the first word. Either Marrifi or Mannifi - but it seems to be something along those lines. Not sure who this might be, though.

could be a W at first too.. so hard to tell.

Probably not a W, Javier, based on linguistics. There are virtually no words in Italian that begin with W.

Also, it's very, very, very rare to have an Italian surname that begins with W. 99% certainty that no Italian first or Italian last name will begin with W. Of course, there's always the exeption, but it's doubtful.

Wurano?  :D  :D  :D


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