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Whitefriars or Wuidart?


Is it Whitefriars? 7" high and 6.25" across in sea green. Ground out pontil and well scratched base. Cannot find a pattern number - could it be Wealdstone range for Wuidart? Has 6 vertical ribs between swags. Thanks Chris

I'm wondering if that's a proper pontil mark, or an indentation - is that a hollow foot?  It looks like it's mould blown to me...  :?:

Hi max the base is not solid .Appears to be ground out,you can feel it domed up inside.Don,t think its mould blown,in that i can,t see any lines                    thanks   chris

Haven't seen anything like this in any of the catalogues including the Wuidart shapes. Colour looks a bit off - similar to Sea Green but not quite.  Don't know in other words, but wait and see if anyone else can be more positive. Emmi


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