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Walther Waltraut dressing table set

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I am hoping somebody may be able to answer a query for me about the Walther Waltraut dressing table set. My question is this - what were the original pieces that made up the set?. I bought a set in pale blue today. My set is has the same pieces as the one on Pamela's website.
1 tray, 2 candlesticks, 1 large trinket bowl with lid, 2 smaller trinket bowls with lids and a ring holder.

 The ones I see on the web have the clock and less trinket bowls.       Did these sets originally come with the clock ?

Your set is what I would call a standard dressing table set as sold in the UK and, having had a quick Google, it would appear that the Waltraut clocks are mostly not in the UK. The answer is I think it depends on the country to which the sets were exported. A vanity clock is not something I've seen in any vanity set in the UK.

Thanks for your help, I have trawled the net and can't find a complete set anywhere - except for the pink one on Pamela's site.
Many thanks,

I may report that my complete Waltraud set including the clock originates from England a few years ago on eBay.
nearly nothing has survived here in wwII and for my collection, it is so great to trace all these glasses in UK and abroad (mainly Australia)  :D
look at Mauerhoff's contribution to Pressglas-Korrespondenz regarding export of Walther during that days.

Thank you for your help Pamela. I have tried the pressglass korrespondenz site but unfortunately my German is so bad that I was unable to navigate the site with any ease. Is it possible that you could paste a link to the page I need? - I will use an online translator after that.
Many thanks,


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