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crystalline coating ?



26 cm high. I assume mould blown, there is no pontil mark. Coated with a matt orange coloured coating that appears crystalline, rather like ice crystals on a window pane. The coating does not appear to be as hard as glass, it has a minor scratch in one place. Is this a cheap way of producing irridescence ? Is it recent ?  Is it as naff as I suspect and available only in Poundland ?
I don't know if I like it .

I have a largish green glass vase with the same or similar finish on it.  Be very careful as it scratches off very easily.  My sister gave it to me as she didn't want it.  It's modern, but I'm afraid I forget where it was made, Spain possibly?  I removed the label! :oops:  :oops: OK I KNOW NOW! I don't do it any more, honest.

Non glass coatings are bound to be a pain for the future, some seem to be affected by the atmosphere too so maybe they will all end up as clear glass.

It is an area worthy of research as such technologies tend to be short-lived as cheaper and harder solutions come along.

I would go with the recent, naff and only available in Poundland option. Not seen any in orange but plenty of poor quality green


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