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large vaseline glass vase



I associate vaseline glass with small decorative items, but this is 29cm high. It flourescent under UV although not very bright. Just in case it is really belting out radiation I keep it in the conservatory to kill the greenfly. Unfortunately they seem to be getting bigger. I'm not worried.
Seriously, does anyone recognise the mould ? I seem to remember seeing an illustration of a similar German vase, although I can't remember the maker.
The flower like trumpet shape causes me to think Art Nouveau. Is that the right period ?

Sorry, not seen that one before. Vaseline/uranium glass comes in all sizes. I have a 30 cm bowl and a 35 cm vase, so mine is bigger than yours, nah , nah  :shock:  :shock: Can we see a UV photo, although it looks like uranium glass from here. I would go for German or Czech. Have you looked through Pamela's site? This takes you to the English version


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