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help with hobnail


Gwion James:
I am trying to narrow down an id for this hobnail (vaseline?) jar/vase

I had vaguely thought US 20th century, but now wonder if UK victorian? Also wonder would it have had a lid - I feel/hope not. It's 5 inches high and 5 inches wide. The pontil is snapped of sharp. I've not had a uv light to it.

Thanks so much for doubt you experts all groan at the dumb questions of amateurs like myself, yet you indluge us with replies....thanks as ever to yobunny for continued hospitality hosting pictures

Dear James
You got yourself a beautiful hyacinth bulb vase from around 1880, made in England. Check mr. Hajdamach's British glass bible page 313. If ever you want to get rid of it let me know...Patricia

Gwion James:
Thanks so much Patricia


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