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Here's an interesting auction i found, the listing is a lot of 12 pieces, some unknowns but one early Baccarat, one early Saint Louis, modern Trabucco, modern Twists ( Mike Hunter ) etc.

Thought i'd pass it along, i'm unable to bid on all myself, wish they'd split the lot. Starting price of 1500 euros - approx 1900-2000 usd.

They've appraiced it a bit low imho?

This is a very strange auction. Obviously somebody in charge made a very bad decision about how to sell the paperweights. Nobody in their right mind groups a Baccarat, a Trabucco, a Hunter, a St. Louis, and a Perthshire with 4 Chinese weights, unless they're a neophyte seller on eBay.

I can't believe this assortment wasn't separated in a much, much better fashion. The miniature Trabucco (the weight with the delicate pink rose buds on lace), by the way, is not by Victor, but by his twin sons Jon and David.

You'd be amazed how they group things, quite often the rubbish is mixed in with the good stuff, as otherwise it won't sell at all.  It depends also on how the vendor wishes to split the lots.

What an eclectic mixture!  Looks a bit like some of my collection  :lol:

But we saw exactly the same hodge-podge of makes (and values!) in the auction the London Glassaholics visited at Christies in London earlier this year!   :shock:  

Even 'top' auction houses don't seem to have a clue about paperweights!  :?

I agree, the mix is terrible, and with almost no signature photos, no descriptions of the condition of the pieces, provenance etc they won't get as good a price as they could have gotten.

This auction house along with others here in Scandinavia has a problem in that they're old fashioned brick and mortar houses adapting to the net.

They do sell a lot of stuff that people bring them when the sellers don't know what they have - sometimes the auction houses are just as bad in terms of knowledge.

The valuation on this collection shows that someone at least has a clue to it's monetary value, just no clue as to how to present it well for potential buyers.

A good thing tho as it should bode well for future aquisitions from them  :wink:


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