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« Reply #10 on: October 07, 2006, 11:43:35 AM »
All are China-made. My question is this: from where is this auction house getting these paperweight? Both the China-made lot and the previous lot with the Trabucco and Baccarat, etc. Who is the actual owner of the weights? Is it one collector or an assortment of collectors?

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Interesting auction
« Reply #11 on: October 09, 2006, 11:25:37 AM »
Thanks for the input on that last auction, both auctions are from the same house, one originated with a seller in germany and the other witgh a danish seller.

The auction house does not usually bother with provenance etc on newer low end lots, so when bidding one is bidding a bit blind compared to ebay or the like where you can cotact the seller.

I've seen a modern saint louis weight with a 50 USD reserve and no further info or pics of the signature cane so my guess is this auution house just gets info from the seller, adds some intelligent if they've got it and put it out there.

So you can get some good deals but, buyer's gotta beware, just like the faceted weights i bought - marketed as italian millefiori weights - were bohemian faceted lampwork weights.

Edit - added lampwork above
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