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Can anyone help identify this vase?

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I found this in a local shop, it struck me as unusual, but I have no idea about its maker... anyone got any idea?

I should say it's about 6 and a half inches in height..

Many thanks


Well I'll start the ball rolling - all I can say about it is a) it's nice, I like it and b) it looks Scandi to me, more specifically Finnish however it's not a shape I've seen before so it's just a feeling - nothing concrete.  Hopefully someone more knowledgable like Ivo will come along with a more positive suggestion :-)


--- Quote from: "stevetheb" ---I found this in a local shop...
--- End quote ---

so it must be a local vase, for local people...

sory no clue - the colour could be German or Norwegian - or, or.... If it were Finnish someone would have recognised it by now.

I would hazard a guess at Magnor Glass, Norway.

Many help for the pointers... Goes to hunt down Norwegian Glass websites!


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