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Murano vs Chinese ..... ?


Lily of the Valley:
Recently, under Glass and MGS, Carterofmars listed a vase that has generated much discussion.  I believe the postings have come down on the side of the canes, if not the entire vase, being Murano (Moretti/Effetre) rather than Chinese.  I am posting my paperweight because the canes look very similar to my eye.  This weight has no adventurine in it.  The glass is very clean and clear; the bottom polished.  Any lines you see in the side view are only a reflection.  It is bright and cheery.  I would appreciate learning more about this pw (age, maker, value if possible, etc.).

Thank you .... Lily

The cane style and the colors are definitely Murano. The shape of the paperweight and the way the canes are encased look Chinese. Is it possible for Italian canes to be used in a Chinese paperweight?

Definitely looks like 'Moretti' canes, as in the vase, to me!  Although theoretically these canes are for sale on the internet and could therefore have been bought by a Chinese glassmaker, I don't think this is the case.  If picture 2 is of the base, it certainly doesn't look like Chinese finishing to me!  I'd say definitely Murano, probably made on the island, 'cheap & cheerful' tourist ware.  Very jolly!   :D

I have a chinese weight with a very nicely finished base like that. Some of the newer weights do.

I do think it is less likely that that those are italian canes in a chinese weight. The tourist-ware explanation works for me. Makes me wanna go touristing with plenty of pocket change.  :D

Lily of the Valley:
Thank you both for your posts :)   This really is a happy-looking weight.  It presents itself well from all angles and appears well-balanced.  (That is perhaps more that I can say for myself at times! :wink:  Anyway, your thoughts/input are most appreciated and I look forward to the next time!

All the best ... Lily


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