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Adam's mystery object

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Not sure what you had in mind Lynne....:D
but quite apart from that this thread had me wondering whether anyone knows what this is is about 6" tall and open at both ends. I do know - but it is a bit obscure, so there might be a prize for the first correct answer!


Maybe a baby feeder?  With a rubber teat on one end and a small stopper on the other?  

(trying hard to keep my mind clean  :oops:  :oops: )

David E:

Now, for my prize I would like your biggest, most expensive piece of glass, Adam :P

Cord light pull?  Nah, maybe not... 6" is a bit big for one of those... how about a loo handle pull from one of the old-fashioned high cisterns?


--- Quote from: "josordoni" ---Maybe a baby feeder?
--- End quote ---
Nowhere near, I'm afraid :D

--- Quote from: "DenCill" ---Plumbob?

--- End quote ---

Good idea, but way off! :D

--- Quote from: "Anne" --- loo handle pull
--- End quote ---
interesting lateral thinking but too lateral, although we do have some rather nice loo pulls in the studio, but not like this! :lol:

Keep trying, you can have multiple attempts, Dencill!


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