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Dating Mdina....

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Hello, this one's for Sue primarily, what with being the Mdina Maestro, but obviously I'd be delighted for anyone to chip in with info.  

Below are links to two pieces of Mdina - the first one is an Amethyst Trailed vase - what I want to know is, am I right in thinking this is an early colour and as such reasonably desirable?  The second one is unusual (for me anyway since I've not seen one the same before) in that it's frosted white glass with blue trailing with an old looking paper label.  Any idea on dates and desirability on this one also?  Obviously they're both nice but from a collector's point of view I'd be interested because I've hit a very solid brick wall in my research and I'm still very much on a learning curve with Maltese glass.  Thanks mucho in advance.

One for Mark Hill????


--- Quote from: "Le Casson" ---One for Mark Hill????
--- End quote ---

Unfortunately these aren't covered in his new book :-( which I must stress is an excellent reference source on Maltese glass and well worth buying - perhaps I should do a book review on it >>>I'll add that to my long list of 'must-dos'... in the meantime.... any ideas?

Is the amethyst one actually marked Mdina?  It bears remarkable similiarities to Whitefriars Pat. No  9802 (6") or 9801 (7")  Random strapped which came in colour Aubergine in 1972!!! Have a look in the W.F catalogues at how similiar they are!!! Emmi

David E:
I'm sure Sue would be interested so I just nudged her! (electronically, I mean) :lol:


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