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Reproductions - Classic Salviati Artistica Barovier


Hello everyone,
I thought I should post this on the Message Board, since I think it is a bit disconcerting....

I do not know how many of you are collectors of older Salviati and Artistica Barovier, but I have seen already 2 auctions on Ebay and 1 website with New "Classic" Murano pieces.

At least on the website they do say they are selling reproductions, but the pieces that are being copied are some rare pieces that I have seen on the Salviati books by Rossella Junck. Some with Seahorses and multiple dragons and swans, which to the inexperience would look to be the real thing.

I mentioned I saw 2 auctions on Ebay already of similar items that I think are being sold as the "old" stuff, while they are just reproductions. I am afraid that as people catch on, they will exploit the new pieces and sell them as old for tons of $$$.

I did notice that the colors being used, at least from the pieces at the website (which are sold as repro's) are extra bright. So this can be a sign that the pieces are repros.

I am wondering if anyone thinks the new items should be made at all? Personally I dont think they should.


Good design will always become popular and reproductions of good design will allow many people to share that design.

In many cases approved reproductions have led to greater recognition for the designer/artist in every field of design. Also, look at all the discussions on the board about who designed a piece and who made it, etcetera.

It is frustrating that less glass is marked and in-house designers are often not attributed. The philosophy or 'company image' vs. 'creator image'.

Also many large retailers require that glass is supplied unmarked.

It would be much more interesting if we could raise awareness of 'designers' roles and campaign for more recognition of individuals in an ever more faceless world. I shall leave that campaign to others  :wink:

Hi Frank!
Sorry its taken so long for me to reply....

That was my main concern, that this new pieces are not described as "taken from the designs of X-name" or anything like that, and can be passed off as older pieces when they are not.

I think its a shame that older makers are being left out of the history of a piece, even if its a repro, and are not given the proper credit. The fact that they are popular should encourage the manufacturers to bring forth the info on who was the originator of a design, etc.



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