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This is so pretty - rather old, or just bashed about?

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I really like this little button, it is very very scratched so the central cane is rather difficult to see - it is the same shape as the white canes, but yellow, with a ring of red, and a centre of red surrounded by blue. The weight is about 2 ins 50 mm diameter, glass is quite dark , very yellowy from some angles. Quite flat in profile, about an inch high, the base bulges out somewhat, and has a lot of pleats around an unfinished central pontil.

the ruffled canes looked a bit Bacchus-y to me, but I have seen so few Old English I am very wary about making any sort of id by myself.

What do you think?

little button

Lily of the Valley:
The canes and your description of the yellow/darker glass bring to mind older Chinese origin but then I haven't had any real experience with old English weights either (except in photos :cry:).  Your little button weight is charming though.  The colors go well together, the pattern is pleasing, and it has a nice lacy look.

Til the next time ..... Lily

I'm hoping KevH will be along later and will be able to shed some light, or Frank maybe...  

And then we'll both be wiser!!  

 :lol:  :lol:

Hi Lynne

I'm sure it is Chinese - probably pre 1950.  I have a dozen or so similar, mainly shallow domed concentrics, some with really nice fine detailed canes, and similar colours to yours.  Alan.


not much value in getting it polished up then .... :cry:  :cry:


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