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Are these really old?

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So in wandering about trying to find some pictures of Bacchus canes to compare with my little button paperweight, I found this listing.

Why does the base on the supposed Bacchus weight remind me of egg fried rice?  Or am I just making assumptions again?

ebay paperweight

Even with my limited knowledge I'd go for egg fried rice and sweet and sour  :lol:

Lily of the Valley:
Good Day, Lynne. :)  My very first thought when I looked at these two weights was that the cane weight was of Chinese origin (in Murano style?) and the lily weight looks like an older American style.  Now I have to add I just woke up (involuntarily), I'm grumpy, and my eyes are watering so don't take this as absolute.  Hope you're having a good one.

All the best ... Lily

I'd guess the millefiori one was definitely Chinese!  The matt base is a clue, although modern Chinese weights are being finished with a polished base these days.  

The second one?  Your guess is as good as mine!  I reckon everyone and their dog has made a version of these!    :lol:

I think the question is as much when were Bacchus weights finished with a matt base.....??

Not that it is a nasty weight, but it does seem as though it is being passed off as something it isn't.


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