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Cameo Sulphide paperweight

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This is my recent Ebay purchase a Cameo Sulphide pwt

(with a Grenadiers Badge PWT from the same seller.)

Can anyone tell me if this Cameo Sulphide  is Continental or Scottish Please?

(The badge PWT has one side polished flat to stand upright similar to two other badge  PWT  I have)

link edited - use the one below the image (moderator)

Thank you for looking

See the existing thread in which another example is commented on by Kevin and Alan via this link
Additionally,  Sweetbriar have an example for sale at present with the same badge (grenadier) but on a quite different spatter background which Ray has classified as miscellaneous (i.e Belgian) rather than as Ysart.
I have a few and one or two I think are Ysart, one or two I think aren't but really its very difficult to tell. 

Maybe thats something for a future gathering - bring them all together to compare.

Here is the link for the cameo pwt- I hope I have it right this time- thank you for correcting my original link.

Thank you for looking

I don't know about any other Ysarts, but when David Hurry came to talk to the Paperweight Collectors Circle at their last meeting, he told us that he was not aware of Paul Ysart making any of this sort of weight in all the time he was working with him.

David worked for him long after that experimental period. There are fairly well documented examples of his 'sulphides' incluing the original trinket he used to make the piece. Not on my site though.


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