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An important Webb 1882 registered design


Bernard C:
Here's a rather scarce and interesting Thomas Webb registered design fom 1882, which it has been my good fortune to acquire recently.

Thomas Webb 1882 Rose Bowl Gallery

Why the apparent rarity?   Here are two of several possibilities.   One is that the registration failed to meet the test of novelty, so other glass houses just ignored it, and Webb abandoned it as unlikely to prove effective in any legal action.  The other is the US export problem, that a registration lozenge or later number was just an open invitation to US glass houses to plagiarise the design.

Any opinions or comments would be welcomed.

Rather reluctantly, as it is such a beautiful object, it has to be sold, so will appear on eBay in the very near future.    I just count myself fortunate that I have had great pleasure from it.

Bernard C.  8)


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