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Definitely Wedgwood but is it a RSW?

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Good evening :-)  OK this is a nice thick and chunky blue cased in clear glass bowl by Wedgwood.  It's not marked but I've seen one identical (except it was an ashtray and had the cigarette rests) with an etched Wedgwood mark to the base.  It has an interesting square and triangle impressed pattern to the base (shown clearer in the second picture) and the glass is exactly the same colour as some Ronald Stennett-Willson Sheringham candleholders I've got - so does anyone know if RSW designed this bowl?  Or any info at all would be appreciated - ta :-)

nigel benson:

This is a Stennett-Willson design produced from 1967 at Kings Lynn and from  a range of three textured designs by him; the other two being vases. I believe that the design number is RSW 27 (the other two being RSW 25 and 26). You are right, it was continued after the take over by Wedgwood, hence the one you saw previously with the etched mark.


Nigel, is this the case as well with the RSW paperweights with the three layers with bubbles inbetween - I have two with no marks I have assumed to be Kings Lynn, and one etched Wedgwood one?


nigel benson:

Whilst I am almost certain I know the paperweight you are referring to, it would be helpful to have a picture to confirm. Thanks.


okey dokey - will be in the morning now, so hope that is ok.


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