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A bargain-price Caithness LE!

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I don't often get this lucky, but I've just bought a LE Caithness - 'Caprice' no. 664 of 750 by Colin Terris, 1983 with a 'book price' of £50 - for £1.71   :shock:  :D

It was just identified as a 'Lovely Flower Paperweight' and I thought it was pretty and would go in the cabinet with my 'dime-a-dozen' Chinese crimp flowers, so I put a small 'registering my interest' bid and forgot about it.  

It arrived this morning, and when I looked at the base ..... WOW!   :D

Very jammy  :lol:  It's lovely. Obviously not from one of our members :shock:

Nice one Leni!

What a lovely surprise!  they don't happen often enough....

that was on my watch list, i laughed to myself when you won it and pmsl when you got for £1.71  :lol:


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