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Who made the Caithness thimbles? When?

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back to the Caithness thimbles. I have a lot of them in my collection, mostly with millifiori stones, but some of theme have a "25" or "40" cane in the centre. If anyone knows what does it mean (or by whom it was done), any information would be greatly appreciated. If needed, can place the pictures. Thanks a lot!

25 is silver Anniversary and 40 is ruby Anniversary in couples marriage

Hi Olga

Welcome to you, pictures would be welcomed  :)

Thanks a lot for the information. Now it is clear, why most of the 40 cane thimbles are ruby or red. It is interesting, why somebody got an idea with these marriage anniversary canes - as a small present? Were the canes used in thimbles and jewelerry only? Some pics with 25 and 40 stones thimbles are below, they are mostly from my colleagues from the collector club. My are still on the way from seller to me... will place them later.


--- Quote from: ALLAN on October 22, 2006, 09:32:30 AM ---The actual glass thimble part were bought blank in a variety of colours
--- End quote ---
Frank, do you know where they bought them? I have thimbles in different shape in my collection. Some of them are cut, some are a bit rounded. But I've never seen the same glass thimble bases from another manufacturer.

Sorry for my dedication to the details. I would like to place a short overview of GC thimbles in our Collectors Club brochure, because all of us have at least one CG thimble but nobody knows the story of manufacturer. So I'm collecting all available information and will be happy to every comment. Attached are some thimbles from my collection.



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