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Large Millefiori weight - I am assuming Murano??

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I am assuming this is Murano as the set up of the groups of Millefiori canes seems very similar to the other close pack I had, that was similar to the 3fiori weights.  But the canes are rather nice in this one - am I right in my assumption?

It is rather large too, although quite flat.  Approx 3.5 ins 85 mm dia, 2.2 ins 53 mm tall.  The weight is not balanced, the canes are rather looser on one side making it look a little lopsided.  top view side view showing base side view close up of canes


Yup, that's Murano. I like the picture canes around the outer edge.

It's certainly one of the nicest I have seen for a while.  The different flower canes in the middle are also rather prettily put together.

I wonder how old it might be?

It's sorta like some Murano weights I got in the late 80s by De Roma. It has some of those little flowers with the detached petals toward the center. My weights have those as well.

The shape is pretty similar to that large flower cane weight you posted about. Perhaps it's a similar age and possibly the same maker?

yes you're right, it is very similar in profile.  The two pieces came from the same lot, so could have been bought at the same time by the original owner.

The glass looks very clear and bright, so I would assume they are fairly modern.


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