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4.5in gingham hankie


I've had a 4in one and a 5in one but never a 4.5in one - would it be a rarity or rather scarcity?

David E:

--- Quote from: "Pip" ---I've had a 4in one and a 5in one but never a 4.5in one - would it be a rarity or rather scarcity?
--- End quote ---

There is another way to determine what size it is. You firstly have to remember that the sizes given are purely arbitary and were never used by Chance anyway - thay called them 'Small' (4-inch, 10cm) and 'Medium' (7-inch, 18cm)) so I'm not sure where the 5-inch is supposed to go... medium-small, perhaps? :)

If you measure the base from the inside, it will be a tad over 2" (5cm) for a 4-inch posy bowl. The inner base of the 5-inch should be about 2½" (6cm).

I imagine yours is a slightly 'peaky' 4-incher!


Thanks David, no it's not my vase it's one that's up for sale but with no measurements.  When I enquired about the size I was told by the vendor - it's a 4/5in one.  I messaged back saying it was either a 4in or a 5in which one - the seller got rather testy with me saying that the sizes were loose and depended on the peaks and that there was a 4/5in size and an 8/9in size.  Bit of a weird reply thinks me so I suggested that it might just be easier all round if they actually measured it (and also pointed them in the direction of your site David).  They came back with a rather 'oh for heavens sake' kind of reply saying that they'd now measured it (hallelujah) and it was EXACTLY 4.5in to the top of a peak and 3in to the bottom of one  :?

David E:
I think I found the one you're referring to. As each vase was created from a square blank, they would have had to cut a slightly larger blank for the 4½" one - fair enough, but then the silk-screen pattern wouldn't fit. So any of these anomolies are merely vases that are simply a bit skew-iff - in this case it probably occured because the blank wasn't placed onto the former properly.

So I very much doubt it is a 5", but just an odd-looking 4". I have a few with very strange folds that were probably rejects that found their way onto the market via the factory shop. Most of these would have stayed within the Midlands area until eBay came along and they're now starting to get distributed around the country :wink:

Rightey oh - thanks David.  I'm not going to bid on it now anyway because of their huffy attitude to my enquiries but I wanted to know what the situation was - as I thought, it's a 4in (it's an orange gingham with a label BTW).  There's also a rather nice black one but that buyer also confirmed to me it's a 4in.


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