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Author Topic: "From Russia With Love" OR NOT  (Read 689 times)

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"From Russia With Love" OR NOT
« on: October 31, 2006, 12:32:42 PM »
I have had this bowl for some considrable time, its a masterful piece of work by the maker, but I dont know who this was or who it might have been. The only thing I can remember is seeing a piece of glass that looked as if it could be by the same maker was a Russian piece on the Antiques road show, which came from the workshops of some famous russian glass maker, but I cannot remember who they said it was.
The bowl is made up from a two section moulded black glass body, with a applied splayed foot with dragooning, the silver (White Metal) was then cast straight into the pattern left after the intial moulding had been completed. Some how the maker allowed enough room in the moulding process so the silver could be taken right up and folded over the bowls rim. Its dimentions are 7in wide 4.25in tall
Simply because the glass used was black in colour surely this would point to the bowl being a mourning piece, either for the Russian Royal family or Queen Victoria.
The wear marks on the foot would indicate this vase being at least pre WWII.

If there is anybody out there who could elaberate further on its possible origins it would be much appreciated. Please E-Mail me for a picture as I dont know how to list one yet.



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