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One for Dartington fans?

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Chris Harrison:
A clearance house is selling a number of "Contemporary Vase" lots on eBay UK.


Could these possibly be remnants of the Dartington Intimates range, designed by Belinda Hornsey?  They look very similar. <-------- Dead link

Anyone have any idea?

Mod: archived image here:

David E:
That Viking logo looks suspiciously like the one used by the stationery company! :shock:

Sorry Chris, can't help with the glass though.

They've been selling these for quite a while, I think they started the price at £6.99 initially, but I could be wrong.  I'd also have said if they were Dartington, they'd be marked - but I've seen the small 'intimates' vase with and without the etched mark.

My gut feel is that these vases aren't Dartington, but that's not based on anything concrete.

Chris Harrison:
Hi Max

Yeah, I couldn't have said it better myself.  

I have a few of the 17cm and 24cm Intimates, mostly from car boots:  half are etched, half aren't.

Heck, 99p plus p&p ain't going to break the bank, is it?  I'll maybe have a punt and see.


Chris Harrison:
Hi David,

Ah, yes indeed!  I've googled and they have the same registered office address.

Hmmm, I wonder if they'll tell me where they got their stock from...  Worth at try.

Thanks for pointing that out.


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