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hello Frank
Thank you and as you can see I am your latest member -  my first reading suggests that some of your participants are a little immature - I recently sold a marble on e-bay for £3600.00 and another for £1970.00, a Clichy paperweight for just over £900 - check my completed listings - I am no m-----, nor have I lost my marbles.  Are you jealous or frightened of success??  I left name calling many years ago and now enjoy intellectual debates and discussions - my initial reaction is that I will not find it on this site but like everything in life I am prepared to try.

Gordon, welcome to the board, I hope that you may find it informative and useful.

Just to correct your misapprehension: the board is not Frank's but actually belongs to Dr Angela Bowey - the lady whose text and images you misappropriated in your listing. May I refer you to the Board Policy posting,6521.0.html.

Hi Gordon,

It is not my Message Board, although I help out. I think that the other discussion can be cleaned up now as you did the decent thing and removed the offending material. We cannot control what people say though we do impose limits within our guidelines.

The contents of the forum, The Glass Encyclopaedia and The Glass Museum are all copyright. But a simple request to use material is often received favourably as many of us are dedicated researchers and writers who like to receive full credit for their efforts, as well as determine what can or not be used elsewhere.

In any case welcome to the board, I am sure this incident is quickly forgotten and we will be glad to help you out if you need it.

Sue C:
I appologise Anne and Frank, i lost my temper, welcome Gordon. also my appologies to you Gordon

Welcome Gordon. We enjoy all forms of intellectual discussion and debate here, mainly focussed on glass, of course.

Many of us here are researchers, writers, designers and artists - and as such we tend to guard our intellectual property and copyrighted material very carefully.



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